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mix album 7 - cover story

Artist Song
Bright Eyes  A Perfect Sonnett 
Nickel Creek  Spit On a Stranger 
Wyclef Jean  Wish You Were Here 
Hootie & the Blowfish  Use Me 
Aimee Mann  Lost In Space 
Pavement  No More Kings 
Jeff Buckley  I Want Someone Badly (Lambchop edit) 
Ben Folds Five  Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (live) 
The Strokes  Barely Legal 
Ramones  Judy Is A Punk 
Jay-Z  Takeover (live) 
Guns & Roses  Knockin' On Heaven's Door 
Wilco  I Must Be High 
Jimi Hendrix  Like A Rolling Stone 
Neil Young  Old Man 
Leonard Cohen  Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye 


well, i'm putting this one under "cover", although not everything is...actually, not even really most of it is. but i just had a lot of good music to use in a new album, and it seemed like a waste to let it sit around. that and i ran out of good cover songs. yup. that's it.


Date: 12/21/2002
just a small thing - if you can't find the lambchop edit of the jeff buckley song, it's not _that_ big of a deal. it just makes it a little longer and a little more..ok, well, it is a big deal if you can't find it. if you can't find it your soul's doomed to burn, i suppose.