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a: sad and angry: fuck christmas b: not so bad (until it all comes back)

Side A
Artist Song
low  blue christmas 
the smiths  stop me if you think that you've heard this one before 
the black heart procession  the waiter no. 2 
a silver mount zion  take these hands and throw them in the river 
unwound  december 
shellac  didn't we deserve a look at you the way you really are 
sonic youth  santa doesn't cop out on dope 
huggy bear  steppin' on bugs 
melt banana  get the head back 
numbers  going insane 
erase errata  fault lists 
braid  raddish white icicle 
Side B
darlene love  christmas (baby please come home) 
low  just like christmas 
the ramones  merry christmas (i don't want to fight tonight) 
q and not u  snow pattern 
belle and sebastion  winter wooksie 
papas fritas  passion play 
clinic   christmas 
danielson famile  the lord's rest 
grandaddy  alan parsons in a winter wonderland 
flaming lips  christmas at the zoo 
all natural lemon and lime flavors  snowflake eye 
duster  now it's coming back 
mirah   don't go 
black heart procession  'till we have to go 


90 minute tape.
i made this tape for a friend i am fighting with. because we are fighting, he declined to accept it. now i just have a tape to remind me of how i felt the day before christmas eve.
not all of the songs are christmas songs, one because i made it for him and i wanted to include other songs, and two because i made the tape only from my vinyl, because my cds are at another house. i had a few cds but there were a lot of other winter songs i wanted to put on ('snow drums' by piano magic, etc.)
in any case, for the most part i like how the tape turned out.


Date: 12/25/2002
nice mix, especially the Christmas songs on side 2... he don't know what he's missing. that Darlene Love song, used so well in "Goodfellas," with its heart-stirring chorus... it just embodies the season for me.
altitude gremlin123
Date: 12/26/2002
nice as nice. ple
DJ Usurp
Date: 5/13/2003
I fucking lost my Low Christmas CD. Nice tape, this.