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the acacacacademy of anthropopopometry

Artist Song
the smiths  unhappy birthday 
huggy bear  children absent from heaven says 
le tigre  slideshow at free university 
morphine  the saddest song 
pixies  sad punk 
pavement  cut your hair 
the cure  lovesong 
the sugarcubes  eat the menu 
lou reed  take a walk on the wild side 
billie holiday  good morning heartache 
massive attack feat. portishead  only you 
atari teenage riot  sex 
chicks on speed  lush life 
goldfrapp   utopia 
tenacious d  fuck her gently 
the clash  white man in hammersmith palais 
the raincoats  lola 
xtc  dear god 
radiohead  knives out 
jeff buckley  hallelujah 
atom & his package  happy birthday ralph 


last year made for my friend aaron in honor of his surgery/birthday.


Date: 12/26/2002
oh i like this a lot.