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Hungry Like The Roof (Is On Fire)

Artist Song
Parliament-Funkadelic  Can You Get to That 
Eddie Grant  Electric Avenue 
Grateful Dead  Eyes of the World 
Bloodhound Gang  Fire Water Burn 
Go Gos  Head Over Heels 
Blondie  Heart of Glass 
Reel Big Fish  Hungry Like the Wolf 
Cars  Just What I needed 
Kingsmen  Louie Louie 
Kiss  Rock and Roll All Nite 
John Lennon  Nobody Told Me 
Faces  Ooh La La 
Blood, Sweat, and Tears  Spinning Wheel 
Aerosmith  Sweet Emotion 
Fixx  One Thing Leads to Another 
They Might Be Giants  Birdhouse In Your Soul 
Troggs  Wild Thing 
Fugazi  Waiting Room 
Too Much Joy  Crush Story 
Tommy Tutone  867-5309 
Duran Duran  Hungry Like the Wolf 


Tried to string the most improbable tracks together. To really appreciate it, it's best if you haven't seen the playlist. That's the way to be really surprised. Also, understand that I made this for my Korean girlfriend, who is basically unfamiliar with the whole set. Can you imagine hearing all of these songs for the first time on a mix like this?


Date: 12/28/2002
This is, like, orgasm-inducingly good. 80's pop and Fugazi. Mmmmm...