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Cassette | Theme - Romantic

The Mafia is not an Equal Opportunity Employer

Side A
Artist Song
Me First & the Gimme  Leavin' On a Jet Pla 
Luscious Jackson  Strongman  
Bracket  Sour  
The Scofflaws  Paul Getty 
snow  Informer  
Royal Crown Revue  Somethin's Gotta Giv 
Rancid  Holiday Sunrise  
5000  The Romantics 
Missionary  Mustard Plug 
If Only  Cake 
Johnny Socko  Hasselhoff The Pieta 
Never Tear Us Apart  One Love 
Bronzing the Garbage  They Might Be Giants 
Madonna (from Evita)  Buenos Aires The Sla 
Jerk Operation Ivy  Bombshell 
Side B
Madness  Shut Up  
Dave Matthews Band  What Would You Say  
BOB  Godzilla 
Hepcat  Thank You 
Ben Lee  Bolt 
The Clash  Train in Vain  
Ska King Crab  Pennsylvania 6 
What I Like About Yo  Operation Ivy 
You  Goldfinger 
Ruby Sees All Pat Be  Hit Me With Your Bes 
Little Engine  INXS 
The Groovie Ghoulies  Ghoulies Are Go The 
No One Knows My Plan  Livin' On a Prayer 
I Still Love You  Noise Addict 


Don't you hate that when you're making a mix tape to kill time, and you reach the middle of the second side and can't find ANYTHING to put on next, and then when you have two minutes of the tape left, you find all sorts of great songs that are all four or five minutes long? ...What kind of tape is a tape without Pat Benatar?