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Side A
Artist Song
apples in stereo  seems so (1997) 
lilys  dimes make dollars (1999) 
yellow balloon  junk maker shoppe (1967) 
jet set  sally warren's lost cause (1987) 
green pajamas  if i lived in a picture (1988) 
the creation  biff bang pow (1966) 
biff bang pow  there you go again (1987) 
velvet crush  melody #1 (1999) 
essex green  mrs. bean (1999) 
salako  devil's foot lullaby (1999) 
the minders  waterlooville (1998) 
kleenex girl wonder  the bostonians (1995) 
billy nicholls  question mark (1968) 
the kinks  plastic man (1969) 
autumn leaves  you didn't say a word (1997) 
chris stamey  summer sun (1977) 
televsion personalities  bike (1985) 
Side B
looking glass  mirror man (1987) 
ladybug transistor  oceans in the halls (1999) 
zumpano  rosencrans boulevard (1994) 
myracle brah  love is (1998) 
mystery trend  so glad i found you (1967) 
blow pops  my heaven (1993) 
hershel savage & american flag  tour 65 (1999) 
hi fives  you can (1997) 
three o'clock  in my own time (1983) 
rain parade  what she's done with your mind (1983) 
game theory  24 (1985) 
sagittarius  my world fell down (1968) 
the bevis frond  old man blank (1968) 
television personalities  silly girl (1980) 
wondermints  arnold layne (1996) 
the free design  bubbles (1968) 
easybeats  made my bed (1967) 


The pervasiveness of 60s pop documented for you on this collection of resurrected relics (bands re-issued in light of the revival of interest in light psychpop and garagenuggetification) and the paisley shirted imposters who followed, doing their best lennon/mcartney/byrds/brian wilson/ray davies/boettcher/bacharach/boyce/hart impersonations. A couple of syd barrett-era pink floyd covers included. How about a discussion board topic: syd barrett's pink floyd vs. post-sid pink floyd, steel cage death match, who wins?


Date: 11/4/2002
What a great selection of songs!