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Poon Is a Hug, Tang Is a Kiss

Artist Song
Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies  I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You 
Onie Wheeler  Jump Right out of this Jukebox 
Ray Hogsed  Ain't a Bump in the Road 
Bob Gallion  One Way Street 
Webb Pierce  I Just Can't Be True 
Jean Shepard  Where No One Knows Me 
Davis Sisters  Rock-A-Bye Boogie 
Buck Owens  Hello Trouble 
Carl Butler  Honky Tonkitis 
Big Al Downing  Georgia Slop 
Treniers  Poontang 
Champion Jack Dupree  Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer 
Eddie Bo  Check Your Bucket 
Junior Wells  Blues Hit Big Town 
Wynona Carr  'Til the Well Runs Dry 
Charline Arthur  Burn That Candle 
Hawkshaw Hawkins  Rattlesnakin' Daddy 
Johnny Powers  Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips 
Rose Maddox  Hey Little Dreamboat 
Hank Williams Sr.  Rootie Tootie 
Farmer Boys  Cool Down Mame 
Roy Hall  Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 
Harmonica Frank  Howlin' Tomcat 
Boyd Bennett & His Rockets  My Boy Flat-Top 
Hardrock Gunter  You Played on My Piano 
Jim Lowe  The Green Door 
Charlie Ryan  Hot Rod Lincoln 
Sid King & the Five Strings  Good Rockin' Baby 
Janis Martin  Drugstore Rock 'n Roll 
Carl Perkins  Put Your Cat Clothes On 


31) Jerry Lee Lewis: High School Confidential. I'm still trying to clear out a backlog of old mp3's and half-finished mixes cluttering up my computer. The title of this one comes from the Treniers' track, on which Don Hill's sax sounds uncannily like James Chance's, which is just as it should be. 3/5/03: For the purposes of sound quality, I had to drop Marvin Rainwater's "Hot and Cold" from the original line-up (where it fell between Roy Hall and Harmonica Frank).


Sean Lally
Date: 1/2/2003
Great great great! Some real faves here. Let me know if'n you want to trade.
Date: 1/2/2003
looks tremendous, as per your usual standard. I would like a copy of this quite soon.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 1/2/2003
Date: 1/2/2003
this kicks it! what a great mix!
Mo Twang!
Date: 1/2/2003
Very cool.
Franklin Onn
Date: 1/2/2003
Great music!
Date: 1/2/2003
Date: 1/2/2003
sounds really cool and swinging! wonderful stuff.
p the swede
Date: 1/2/2003
I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You, that's what i call a opening title ;). I think heard 3 or maybe 4 of these songs and i really love to hear the rest of it, i mean how could i not have Hardrock gunther in my collection ;), excellent
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 1/7/2003
would love to have one of
Date: 5/10/2003
Brad Rice approached me after a show in Arkansas. He had played guitar for the Backsliders that night and was sporting a really bad mustache. He asked me where a guy could find some poon-tang on a Monday night. This was before he played for Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams solo gigs. Everytime I hear the word poon-tang I think of the Backsliders. Nice mix.
Feat Fan
Date: 7/14/2003
Thanks for your comments on my Hank tape, that he is!