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CD | Mixed Genre

2002, Pt. 6: Soon, a Magical Helmet

Artist Song
Cornershop  Heavy Soup 
Jel  17. Channel Assign 
Rjd2  Smoke & Mirrors 
Moby  In My Heart 
Pulseprogramming  Blooms Eventually 
Alfie  Cloudy Lemonade 
Ballboy  I Hate Scotland 
Luna  Black Postcards 
Saint Etienne  Amateur 
Adult.  Nite Life 
Miss Kittin and the Hacker  Frank Sinatra 
The Rapture  House of Jealous Lovers (Morgan Geist Version) 
Matthew Shipp  Space Shipp 
The Cinematic Orchestra  Burnout 
Laba Sosseh  Qua Se Fuman 
Orchestra Super Mazembe  Kassongo 
All Girl Summer Fun Band  Cell Phone 


1. Handcream for a Generation (Beggars Banquet) 2. 10 Seconds (Mush) 3. Deadringer (Definitive Jux) 4. 18 (V2) 5. The Wire Tapper 09 (The Wire magazine giveaway, UK) 6. A Word in Your Ear (Twisted Nerve/XL) 7. Club Anthems (Manifesto) 8. Romantica (Jetset) 9. Finisterre (Minty Fresh) 10. Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau (Ghostly International) 11. The First Album (Emperor Norton) 12. 12-inch (DFA) 13. Nu-Bop (Thirsty Ear) 14. Every Day (Ninja Tune) 15. African Salsa and Rumba (Sonodisc, France; recorded c. mid-1960s) 16. Giants of East Africa (Earthworks; originally released 1977) 17. All Girl Summer Fun Band (K).