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mix i made when i was fourteen and knew jack-shit about music

Side A
Artist Song
nine inch nails  mr. self destruct 
nine inch nails  hurt 
cypress hill  insane in the brain 
tool  aenima 
soundgarden  4th of july 
ICP  the neden game 
ICP  piggy pie 
marilyn manson  dogma 
white zombie  supercharger heaven 
metallica  nothing else matters 
Side B
pantera  cowboys from hell 
presidents of the united states of america  bollweevil 
lords of acid  pussy 
doors  the crystal ship 
metallica  unforgiven 
david bowie  space oddity 
david bowie  ziggy stardust 
gravity kills  guilty 
tool  eulogy 
presidents of the united states of america  we're not going to make it. 


ahh, freshman year. naive skater kid. i made this for a girlfriend of mine, and kept a copy for future reference, as i thought it was pretty good at the time. i found it under in a bag full of junk. no fucking apologies, though!


Date: 1/4/2003
That's actually not too bad. I will admit Metallica and ICP grate my nerves, though.
Date: 1/4/2003
hey, at least it has bowie!
Jake Adler
Date: 1/6/2003
Bowie, Tool, and Presidents. And the Doors! Don't worry about it. We all have songs we're embarassed to have liked. At least you have the courage to admit it.
Date: 3/16/2003
I'd just like to say there is nothing wrong with TOOL! I like it...except the ICP and Pantera...but hey, my freshman year I listened to nothing but Korn!