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your latest misery

Artist Song
death cab for cutie  sleep spent 
bright eyes  lover i don't have to love 
bright eyes  something vague 
dismemberment plan  time bomb 
bright eyes  touch 
magnetic fields  i don't want to get over you  
george  breathe in now 
bright eyes  perfect sonnet 
dismemberment plan  crush 
bright eyes  it's cool, we can still be friends 
massive attack  angel 
pedro the lion  longer i lay here 
bright eyes  haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh 
rebekah del rio  llorando 
the weakerthans  left and leaving 
bright eyes  the calendar hung itself 
magnetic fields  100,000 fireflies 
denali  prozac 
cursive  the night i lost the will to fight 


made for a friend who hadn't heard any of these bands...hence the heavy-handed use of bright eyes.


Date: 1/13/2003
wow, i like it.