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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Romantic


Artist Song
Yo La Tengo  Saturday 
The Spinanes  Eleganza 
Julie Doiron  Taking the Photographs 
Neil Young  Only Love Can Break Your Heart 
Pavement  A Secret Knowledge of Backroads 
Wilco  Ashes of American Flags 
Low  In Metal 
Scout Niblett  Advice 
Cat Power  Rockets 
Matt Ward  Good News 
Sparklehorse  Heart of Darkness 
James William Hindle  Sparky Marcus 
Darren Hanlon  Cast of Thousands 
The Magnetic Fields  How To Say Goodbye 
Chris Mills  Diamond 
The Pernice Brothers  Wait to Stop 
Neko Case and her Boyfriends  I'll Be Around 
Hem  Night Like a River 
Bright Eyes  On My Way To Work 
Josh Rouse  Flair 
Rainer  Instrumental #10 


this will be the first mix cd i've made in a year that i don't have to part with. sad like sunday evenings.


Date: 6/29/2003
I love this mix. and your comment on it. it seems so heartbreaking.