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broken heartbeats gathered and rebroadcast

Artist Song
team sleep  natalie portman 
the cancer conspiracy  broken hearts gathered and rebroadcast 
owen  take care of yourself 
smashing pumpkins  soma 
maserati  there will always be someone behind you 
pedro the lion  rejoice 
atombombpocketknife  slide 
her space holiday  home is where you hang yourself 
spoon  vittorio e 
camera obscura  trigger system 
reggie and the full effect  image is nothing, lobsters are everything 
sharks keep moving  arizona 


for my best friend. originally just 8 long instrumental tunes, i redid this mix and put some careful thought into it. today just wasn't a good day for her, and my philosophy is that cheerful music only makes sadness worse, so i combined some slow, sad instrumental tunes with slow tunes with cathartic lyrics... or at least cathartic vocals. that title is probably the most perfect title ever. wonderful. great song too.


Date: 1/7/2003
that is a perfect title...this is an absoltely beautiful amazing mix. i'm floored. i'd love to hear this.
Date: 1/7/2003
this mix looks so good. even though i haven't heard much of the stuff, i've heard alot of good stuff about most of these bands [esp maserati]. and nothing can cheer you up like RATFE can!
Date: 1/7/2003
it's a really sad and slow reggie tune... maserati is great, i only learned about them maybe 2 weeks ago. i think the owen tune on here is probably my favourite.