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Man From Another Planet, Formica Blues

Artist Song
Cheryl Lee  Laura Palmer Mix Intro 
Portishead  Roads  
Tatu  30 Minutes (Remix)  
Laika & The Cosmonauts  Psyko 
Lacrimosa  Bresso 
Tosca Tango Orchestra  Ballade 4 Part 1 
Vincent Gallo  Her Smell Theme 
Shooby Taylor  Lift Every Voice and Sing 
Les Baxter  Mozambique 
The 45 King  The 900 Number 
Unkle   Outro (Mandatory) 
The Avalanches  Undersea Community 
Aphex Twin  Raising the Titanic (Edit) 
Coldcut  Return to Margin 
Rame  Cybergod 
Filter and The Crystal Method  Can't You Trip Like I Do (Instrumental) 
The Latch Brothers  Ill Victory Beat 
Herbie Hancock  Rockit 
Spoon  Stay Don't Go 
Rodmus!5  Windfucker 2000 (Reissued) 


I made this for a girl at work who was impressed with my Lords of Acid mix. Actually, she was in lust with the title ("Music for Rough Sex")... This mix is meant to expose her to the fact that there is tons of great music out there that isn't on MTV or that bullshit box called the radio. She' sopen-minded, so I thought she'd be a perfect subject for such a mix.
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