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Artist Song
PJ Harvey  Highway 61 Revisited 
Jawbreaker  Sister 
The Stooges  TV Eye 
Talking Heads  Cities  
The Beach Boys  Let's Go Away for Awhile 
The Modern Lovers  Roadrunner 
Nirvana  Molly's Lips 
The Beatles  If I Needed Someone 
The Who  Goin' Mobile 
The Velvet Underground  Rock and Roll (live) 
Big Star  Back of a Car 
The White Stripes  One More Cup of Coffee 
Nick Drake  Know 
Bob Dylan  Tangled Up in Blue 
The Dismemberment Plan  The City 


"Soundtrack" to a story I'm working on about a guy from Massachusetts whose sister's bout with depression and a bad breakup of his own inspires him to run away to Canada to record an album with some friends. Behind the wheel of the getaway car is a hippie girl who's not-so-secretly in love with him. There also may or may not be a soybean farm involved in there somewhere. Whatever. In the meantime, Bob Dylan covers and car songs for everybody!!!
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Date: 1/10/2003
I like it a lot! The Dylan, the Drake, Big Star, the's just loaded with goodness! Haven't heard that White Stripes cover yet but I'm thinking I should download it now.
Date: 1/10/2003
Sounds like a good story, and it's got a great soundtrack. Love the Dylan song, and the Modern Lovers is an all-time favorite.
altitude gremlin123
Date: 1/10/2003
stooges undeniably cool, great white stripes... ah hell, i like them all! good luck with your story!