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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

Cool Shit

Side A
Artist Song
Shonen Knife  Quavers 
White Zombie  More Human Than Huma 
Alpha Team  Speed (Hardcore Mix) 
Ramones  Blitzkrieg Bop  
Nine Inch Nails  March of the Pigs  
Ministry  Jesus Built My Hotro 
Beastie Boys  Shadrach  
Helmet  Milktoast  
Violent Femmes  Ugly  
Greenday  Chump Chuck Berry 
Budo (fade out) Mile  Move (fade out) 
Side B
The Doors  Roadhouse Blues (Liv 
Simon and Garfunkel  Mrs. Robinson 
REM  What's the Frequency 
Beastie Boys  Time For Livin'  
L7  Shirley  
The State  Porcupine Racetrack 
Jane's Addiction  Ain't No Right  
Offspring  Bad Habit 
Nirvana  Stay Away  
No Particular Place  Miles Davis 


This is probably the first mix tape I ever made that is still in existence. It was my freshman year of college, and I'd just figured out how to hook my VCR to my stereo so I could tape all kinds of sound bytes from tv onto my audio tapes. This has a lot of sounds from Beavis and Butthead (since 94-95 was the height of their popularity), The State (the funniest show ever on MTV, too bad three of the memebers of the State are doing that Godawful show Viva Variety now), Ren and Stimpy, and some Andrew Dice Clay CD's I had. It's amusing to look back on this tape now, but I rarely get the urge to listen to it.