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even in his youth he was nothing (bootleg and rare nirvana)

Side A
Artist Song
nirvana  in his hands 
" "  the money will roll right in (fang cover) 
" "  you know you're right (old version) 
" "  best friends girl (cars cover) 
" "  even in his youth 
" "  if you must 
" "  talk to me  
" "  do you love me? (kiss cover) 
" "  moist vagina 
" "  D-7 (wipers cover) 
" "  radio friendly unit shifter/my sharona (knack cover) 
" "  endless, nameless 
" "  the end (doors cover) 
Side B
nirvana  the man who sold the world (non-acoustic david bowie cover) 
" "  oh, the guilt 
" "  baba o' riley (who cover) 
" "  help me, i'm hungry 
" "  clean up before she comes 
" "  sappy 
" "  opinion 
" "  return of the rat (wipers cover) 
" "  junkyard 
" "  more than a feeling (boston cover) 
" "  curmudgeon 
" "  marigold 


a mix made at a time when i just couldn't live without hearing each and every last nirvana song. nirvana are so classic (look, they're on EVERYONES mixes). i hunted down all the outcesticides and singles (for those luscious b-sides) on ebay, because i've never had a cd burner. this mix is love, man. i'm sure there are some covers i forgot to list as such (like talk to me... who the fuck originally did that?) but it's a pretty cohesive tape of unreleased stuff and oddities. by the way, download the original fang song "money will roll right in"- it's beautiful in such a decadent way.


Date: 1/11/2003
Sexxxy. Ever heard "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip"?
altitude gremlin123
Date: 1/11/2003
yes, but i couldn't manage to get a hold of that one. that one's good too. i would've put that on her if i could.