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Posed Punque Chronicle

Artist Song
Comsat Angels  Ju Ju Money 
Stranglers  Toiler On The Sea 
Throbbing Gristle  Hot On The Heals Of Love 
Scritti Politti  Lions After Slumber 
Magazine  Back To Nature 
Passions  Jump ForJoy 
Hugo Largo  Fancy 
Pop Group  We Are Time 
Wire  Blessed State 
A Certain Ratio  Flight 
Medium Medium  So Hungry So Angry 
Gang Of Four  Armalite Rifle 
Human League  Being Boiled 
Fad Gadget  Insecticide 
Nurse With Wound  Homotopy To Marie 
Miracle Legion  The Backyard 


A typical playlist from WMUA UMass Amherst circa 1983.
Terpsichirean Cacophony, Non-Sequitur Theatre, Dadavision, Main St Records, Sheehans, Rahars.
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altitude gremlin123
Date: 1/13/2003
nice mix. i don't know most of the bands on here, but the ones i do i like!