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CD | Theme - Romantic

Watch Too Much TV

Artist Song
Grandaddy  The Crystal Lake 
Modest Mouse  The Waydown 
Beulah  Popular Mechanics for Lovers 
The Dismemberment Plan  The Ice of Boston 
Rainer Maria  Breakfast of Champions 
For Stars  Wires 
Les Savy Fav  Hide Me From Next February 
The White Stripes  You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl) 
Neutral Milk Hotel  In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 
Quasi  Our Happiness is Guaranteed 
Wilco  Jesus, Etc. 
Guided by Voices  My Valuable Hunting Knife 
That Dog  Minneapolis 
The Beatles  Dig a Pony 
Sloan  I Hate My Generation 
Sean Na Na  Princess and the Pony 
The Cars  Just What I Needed 
Pavement  Unseen Power of the Picket Fence 
Built To Spill  Car 
Beck  Diamond Bollocks 


I made this a few months ago for my friend Ben, but I'm just now getting around to posting it. But doing so makes me realize how many of the same songs end up on all of my mixes. Oh well.


Very very good.
Date: 1/17/2003
looks good brah