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Fefe Dobson

Artist Song
Fefe Dobson  This Is My Life  
Fefe Dobson  Don't Let It Go to Your Head  
Fefe Dobson  Don't Go (Girls and Boys) [Radio Edit]  
Fefe Dobson  Everything  
Fefe Dobson  Bye Bye Boyfriend  
Fefe Dobson  Take Me Away  
Fefe Dobson  Unforgiven  
Fefe Dobson  Give It Up  


There was a sweet sense of justice in the career trajectory of Fefe Dobson, as it unfolded during the '00s — the Scarborough, Ontario, native rocketed out of the gates in 2003 with an eponymous debut album that had some observers tipping her to be the new Britney, even if her own influences revealed a catholic musical background taking in Judy Garland, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson. Standout tracks like "Take Me Away" and "Give It Up" dialled up the rock energy, while the tempo-mashin' "Bye Bye Boyfriend" proved she could excel in ballad territory when required. A second album was lined up for release in 2006, but it never materialized, as Dobson found herself dropped from Island/Def Jam while her song "Don't Let It Go to Your Head" was covered by Norwegian girl group Lilyjets and Jordin Sparks. It all came good again in 2010 for the versatile artist, though, when the label re-signed her to subsidiary 21 Music, and Joy confirmed a star on the rise.
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