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Project A, on-air 1-18-03

Side A
Artist Song
Nas  New York State of Mind 
Mobb Deep  Drop a Gem On 'Em 
Buzzcocks  Everybody's Happy Nowadays 
Spoon  30 Gallon Tank 
Public Enemy  She Watch Channel Zero!? 
DJ Shadow   The Number Song 
Q And Not U   Recreation Myth 
Boards Of Canada   Basefree 
Alexander Spence   Books of Moses 
James Brown   Give It Up or Turnit A-Loose 
ODB   Shimmy Shimmy Ya 
Husker Du   Songs About UFOs 
Beat Happening   Noise 
Margo Guryan   Sunday Morning (demo) 
the Microphones  Weird Storm 
Tom Waits with Larry Lalonde and Les Claypool   Big in Japan 
the Doors  Hyacinth House 
Belle and Sebastian   Me and the Major 
Clem Snide   I Love the Unknown 
Sebadoh   Brand New Love 
the Streets  Turn The Page 
Pavement   Hit The Plane Down 
Operation Ivy   Healthy Body (extended version) 
Shearwater   12:09 
Side B
Minutemen   This Ain't No Picnic 
Minutemen   Spillage 
Forty Second Scandals   I'm Having Trouble Starting This Conversation 
Ramsey Midwood  Feed My Monkey 
Vigilantes Of Love   Double Cure 
Violent Femmes   Kiss-Off (live) 
Soul-Junk   Ill-m-i 
the Who  Squeeze Box 
Ben Folds Five   Tom and Mary 
Thirteenth Floor Elevators   Splash 1 
Badly Drawn Boy   All Possibilities 
Matt Pond PA   Closer 
Sigur Ros   Olsen Olsen 
Magnetic Fields   The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side 
Uncle Tupelo   We've Been Had 
Common   I Got The Right Ta 
Soul-Junk   Ungst Func Slag Collision 
Oneida   Privilege 
the Flaming Lips  Do You Realize?? (CD 101 version) 
Bill Frisell   Pretty Flowers Were Made For Blooming 
Pedro the Lion   Be Thou My Vision 
Luxury   To You Who Gave Me Hope and Were My Light  
Bright Eyes   False Advertising 


it's not a time slot. it's a responsibility.


Date: 1/19/2003
nice stuff, brad.
Summer Anne Burton
Date: 1/19/2003
always. so. good. i think your taste may be the closest to mine out of anyone who posts mixes here. all of this is so good. nas, pavement, bright eyes, shearwater, public enemy, pedro, q and not u, spoon sebadoh, dj shadow, magnetic fields, freakin' bill frisell. all favorites. yay brad!
Date: 4/4/2003
Holy crap, it's V.O.L. and Luxury! Major, major props, you have great music taste all-around.