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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Theme - Road Trip

Someday, This Day, Set the Ferris Wheel Ablaze

Artist Song
Aqua Teen Hunger Force  Theme Song 
The Early November  Every Night's Another Story 
Northstar  Is This Thing Loaded? 
Senses Fail  The Ground Folds 
Prevent Falls  Outward 
Hopesfall  The End of an Era 
My Chemical Romance  This is the Best Day Ever 
Starting Line  Forever in a Day 
Homegrown  Tomorrow 
Midtown  Become What You Hate 
Piebald  Rich People Can Breed 
Rufio  Don't Hate Me 
The Ataris  That Special Girl 
Long Since Forgotten  Just Listen 
Brand New  Secondary 
Saves the Day  A Drag in D Flat 
Gatsby's American Dream  Castaway 
The Vines (Beatles cover)  I'm Only Sleeping 
Something Corporate  The Astronaut 
Few and Far Between  Waking Up Tired 
Starting Line  Piano Song 


Just some hardcore and fun punk that mellows out, at least by track 19--for Harrison, on our 11 month anniversary, not because it's our 11 month anniversary so much as because I've been listening to all this new music that he may not have heard. Title from My Chemical Romance song.