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smokey smoggy sunny sky

Side A
Artist Song
david shire (saturday night fever)  salsation 
ben folds five  red neck past 
the strokes  barely legal 
rufus wainwright  tower of learning 
shirley bassey  diamonds are forever 
the specials  too much too young 
the lucksmiths  cat in sunshine 
love  always see your face 
Side B
musical youth  pass the dutchie 
presidents of the usa  froggy 
lisa miller  false walse 
janis joplin  drunken monologue and get it while you can 
the kinks  long tall sally 
louis armstrong  ain't misbehaving 
fourplay  femme fatale 


i made this tape right after i found out i got into the uni of my choice so it's kind of a happy tape, but it's a bit odd. neeedless to say, i was making it whilst calling practically everyone i knew so i wasn't paying much attention to my taping flow and whatnot. anyway, this one kept me company when i went to melbourne to enrol for uni, which was a very odd trip. stayed with my sister, kept on eating strange sandwiches, went to sleep in the loungeroom with just the security door locked and the door open and woke up at three am to some drunk rattling at the screen door yelling "excuse me" repetitivly (more of a worry when there's a brothel next door), i got sunburnt again...the usual bizarre trip to melb. i couldn't believe the sky though, huge orange sun blocked out by the usual smog and all the smoke from the bushfires up-north. i think the only thing that is worrying me about becoming a city girl is the lack of fresh air. i was way impressed with the strong cold southern sea breeze when i got home... man, these comments are sucky. one more thing. this tape actually starts with the guys at audiophobica (local radio show) announcing my uni results and then fades into "salsation", and it ends with another clip from audiophobica "i was stuck in melbourne with very little except rosie's mixtape to amuse me, and then my walkman chewed up the tape". title of tape, obviously the melbourne weather conditions. thanks to rob for the specials


Date: 1/25/2003
congratulations! this is such a nice tape to celebrate with. i love louis...
Date: 1/25/2003
great mix, rosie. and congrats to you for getting into your first choice - i read that lots & lots of students over here in the west, didn't.
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/25/2003
Congrats again and cool mix. I actually (*gulp*) kinda like "Pass the Dutchie"...