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will and sleepyhead do sleepyhead's parents' house

Side A
Artist Song
belle & sebastian  if you're feeling sinister 
the flaming lips  race for the prize 
the apples in stereo  benefits of lying with your friend 
beulah  if we can land a man on the moon . . . 
lenola  driving over to your house 
mirah  la familia 
u2   with or without you 
butterfly child  drunk on beauty 
oasis  who feels love 
beth orton  sweetest decline 
Side B
dennison witmer  steven 
bright eyes  its cool, we can still be friends 
the smashing pumpkins  landslide 
the gloria record  my funeral party 
owen   most days and 
owen  most nights 
matt skiba  next to you 
rem  the great beyond 
karate  the angels just have to show 
jets to brazil  further north 


The story begins that one time me and Sleepyhead got ice cream. Sleepyhead lost her watch in my car. Looking for her watch, she found a lighter i lost in high school. I tried to help, and found funny smells and pennies and hairs from almost every one of my friends. but no watch. discouraged and disheartened, we went to her parents' house and played dress-up. Sleepyhead showed me her new new look for the coming summer: kimono, sneakers, cat sunglasses and bed-head. it was hot. yes ma'am. her parents let me have a suit i found, which was very benevoloent of them. sleepyhead said i looked like a gazelle dressed up as a penguin trying to be stylish. and that it was hot. yes sir. we went swimming with her parents in the evening. i said to them, watch, were going to do a backflip, standing on the edge of the pool with sleepyhead. when they looked over, we gave them a couple of full moons, except sleepyhead chickened out and gave only the waxing crescent moon. sleepyhead told me something about giving her parents something called a triple threat. i didnt get it. she told me what it was, and i said im not allowed to know that until i got married. she said neither am i, but i know anyway. the next day, we got ice cream again. and the story has no end.


sweet songs and following story . .. and so in the name of sentimentality's resentment, damn you.