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it's not unusual to see men drinking beer from bottles at the dinner table!

Side A
Artist Song
kc and the sunshine band  boogie shoes 
louis armstrong  cabaret 
orchester des oper monte carlo et Werner Haas  rhapsody in blue 
"funny girl soundtrack"  second hand rose 
stevie wonder  never dreamed you'd leave in summer 
yann tiersen  le valse d'amelie 
fourplay  lilli pilli danse 
the flying lizards  money 
pete tex  tequila 
rufus wainwright  california 
david shire  salsation 
jennifer murphy  buenos aires 
orchestra del oro  sway 
Side B
you am i (live)  mr milk 
the kinks  apeman 
the doors  la woman 
bob marley  sun is shining 
the turtles  happy together 
bjork  it's oh so quiet 
dvorak  slavonic dance number one 
louis armstrong and ella fitzgerald  they can't take that away from me 
manhattan transfer  that cat is high 
the lucksmiths  andrew's pleasure 
sarah vaughan  sometime's i'm happy 
marvin hamlisch  hooker's hooker 
george girarg and his new orleans five  do you know what it means to miss new orleans? 
cliff richard and the young ones  living doll 


well, this is a strange beast. which reminds me of the bizarre thought i had in the dairy last night...imagine if i lived on a dragon farm instead of a dairy farm. which lead me to, well then, are dragons mammals or reptiles? i was very hot and sweaty and tired so that's why my mind was going into a slight spin...then i came home and made this. this tape is strange for a few reasons, number one it is a 100 minute tape, which i hardly ever use and number two, it's 53% vinyl which leaves you with a lot of strange stuff like "peter tex" a german alto sax player (as far as the album cover reveals) i only bought it because it had "tequila" on it, which is good for drinking also had a pretty shitful version of watermelon man. my mix notes seem to get ramblier everytime. this is for a school friend who is moving away from warrnie. it's like there's a rash of goodbye parties to go to at the moment because everyone my age is packing up and leaving...or it's housewarmings. just like last year it was constant 18ths. i knew i was getting old when i was 18 years and 24 days and i asked for light beer... that's just not meant to happen. thanks to rob for the stevie wonder track. title from the always amusing "lonely planet" travel guides. this quote's from the northern territory one. do international tourists really freak out at the prospect of a stubbie at the dinner table- i thought that was just my grandma. don't even get me started on the assumption here that only men drink beer...see, the title does tie in to andrews pleasure (i should say it's quite ironic that she drinks beer and he drinks gin and tonic) okay, enough notes from me.


Date: 1/27/2003
OK, Rosie. We have to trade for real, now.
Date: 1/27/2003
Beautiful...! I guess the only "international tourists" who would "freak out at the prospect of a stubbie at the dinner table" are Germans!
Adam Bristor
Date: 1/27/2003
Wow, this is really good and I absolutely *love* that you used the word "ramblier" in your notes. I'm not sure if it's a real word, but if not its the best made-up word since "scrumtralescent". My notes are pretty rambly too, so I know where you're coming from. So, anyhow, this is a good mix. Nicely done.
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/28/2003
You're welcome. Beautiful mix.
Date: 1/28/2003
sweet mix, rosie. "light beer" - oh no! you should not be drinking that until you're at least, er, 30! (at the earliest!) as far as drinking beer from bottles at the dinner table - it's the only way to go - I mean, why waste a clean glass?
Date: 1/28/2003
damn, my bro would kill for this mix