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Polish HipHop

Artist Song
Fenomen  Intro 
Fenomen  Fenomenada 
Thinkadelic  Codziennie nowy swiat 
Snuz  Upalne lato miejskie 
DJ600V  Projekt jest w drodze 
Kaliber 44  Masz albo myslisz o nich 
Snuz  Wiatr w ciemnosciach 
Grammatik  Nie ma czasu pomyslec 
Fenomen  Plyta 
Paktofonika  Jestem Bogiem 
Grammatik  Czasem 
Snuz  Fazy 
Thinkadelic  Miasta, miasteczka 
DJ600V  Nie jestem kurwa biznesmenem 
Grammatik  Kazdy ma chwile 
Grammatik  Puste Pokoje 
DJ600V  Mieszkam w Miescie 
Grammatik  C.H.C.W.D (Thunder Remix) 


A Tape I made for a non-Polish friend, so the emphasis is on songs that can be enjoyed for their music and vocal rhythm rather than just for their lyrics. Accoustically, the Polish language is a great language for hiphop. The moods of the tracks on this CD are at various times funky, melancholy, sexy (in a couple of the Snuz songs, where the rapper is a woman with a damn sexy voice ;) ), sometimes even ethereal and beautiful (as in many of the Grammatik songs, where the music is done by Noon, often called "the Polish DJ-Shadow")
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Date: 1/28/2003
This is the best Polish hip hop mix I've ever seen on this site.
Date: 1/28/2003
I would really, really love this.. Pretty please!
joey de vivre
Date: 1/28/2003
O brave new world, that has such mixes in it!
any chance I could trade you anything for this?