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American Song-Poem Day, 11 Feb 2003

Artist Song
Larry London  I Love New York 
Rodd Keith  Gloria 
Rodd Keith  Slow It Down 
John Muir  Come My Way 
Dick Kent with The Lancelots  Hot Pants And Leather Boots That Shine 
"Lance"  Fine Cars, Fine Cigars 
Jim Wheeler with The Film City Orchestra  That Certain Feeling 
Michael Levin  Midnight Sailor 
Karen Kimberly-Rodd Rivers & 'Big Action Sound'  Slippin' Out 
Karen Kimberly & 'Big Action Sound'  Heartbreak Of Love 
Larry London  Marinella 
Lance Hill & The Blue Belles  Mama Cried Alone In The Rain 
Dick Kent with The Lancelots  Mexican Gold 
Todd Andrews  Rorke's Drift 1879 
Willie Taylor with The M.S.R. Singers  Forty Going North 
Jim Wheeler with The Film City Orchestra  All To Myself 
Michael Levin  Grandma's Into Rock 
Lance Hill & The Globetrotters  Mighty Bridge 
The Tune-Timers  Blue Waters 
Rodd Keith  The Green Bug 
Charles Chiarello  Baci Perduti 
Charles Chiarello  Carezze Di Mani 
Harold Duncan  Run Home Babe 
Harold Duncan  Be American 


prepared by John K. Fitzpatrick * * The Oddball Auditorium

The last four tracks are vanity records on song-poem labels.
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Date: 2/7/2003
This looks incredible! All the tracks are new to me. There's some kind of cosmic song-poem convergence going on. I've never heard of Feb. 11 being American Song-Poem day, but there's a PBS documentary and a new compilation, both coming out on Feb. 11. Just a coincidence? I think not!
Date: 6/5/2004
Wow, this looks excellent. Wonder how I could've missed in when you posted it . . .