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Project A: on-air 2-1-03

Side A
Artist Song
Beat Happening  Noise 
Stereo Total  Kleptomane 
Camper Van Beethoven  The Day That Lassie Went to the Moon 
Folk Implosion  My Ritual 
Elliott Smith  Coming Up Roses 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Rock of Gibraltar 
Zumpano  Platinum Is Best Served Cold 
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band  Call On Me 
Can  I Want More 
Minutemen  Nature Against Man 
Fugazi  Oh 
Ted Leo and Pharmacists  Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? 
Rainer Maria  Long Knives 
764-HERO  You Were the Long Way Home 
Ryan Murphy and Will Oldham  Fall Again 
the Clean  Psychedelic Ranger 
Sonic Youth  Teen Age Riot 
Jimmy Eat World  Blister 
the Julies  Wake Up, Christine 
Alaska!  Lost the Gold 
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy  Lessons From What's Poor 
Half-Handed Cloud  That You May Be Gracious 
Clem Snide  Exercise 
Side B
Robert Johnson  Come On in My Kitchen 
Local Rabbits  Spilling Mistake 
13th Floor Elevators  You're Gonna Miss Me 
Chris Butler  Starved For Summer 
Buzzcocks  I Don't Mind 
Nation of Ulysses  A Comment on Ritual 
Subhumans [UK]  Waste of Breath 
Husker Du  New Day Rising 
the Flaming Lips  Guy Who Got a Headache ad Accidentally Saved the World 
the Choir  Gripped 
Sport Murphy  What Are They Doing in Heaven 
Havalina Rail Co.  Red and Blue (In St. Petersburgh) 
Jeff Hanson  Laughing at Nothing 
Decemberists  July, July! 
the F---ing Champs  Children Perceive the Hoax Cluster 
Chavez  Break Up Your Band 
Loose Fur  Racoonists 
Belle and Sebastian  Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying 
Bill Frisell  Pretty Flowers Are Made For Blooming 
Johnny Cash  Hurt 
the Divine Comedy  Les Jours Tristes 
Avalanches  Extra Kings 
Bob Dylan  Wigwam 


and so my dad was like, "play a song I'd really like" and I was all, "I played like fifteen of 'em, you were napping on the couch the whole time."