i've got a brand new pair of rollerskates, you've got a brand new key.

Side A
Artist Song
the white stripes  fell in love with a girl 
holly golightly  you ain't no big thing 
the kills  wait 
tom waits  midnight lullabye 
liam idiot  you're still around 
kind of like spitting  young fiction writer 
nick drake  been smoking too long 
elliott smith  say yes 
sleater-kinney  far away 
fugazi  the kill 
braid  nineteen 75 
jets to brazil  empty picture frame 
billy bragg  the myth of trust 
the white stripes  one more cup of coffee 
Side B
sonic youth  small flowers crack concrete 
tom waits  the one that got away 
ani difranco  jukebox 
bitch and animal  traffic 
rasputina  brand new key 
they might be giants  birdhouse in your soul 
r.e.m.  electrolite 
the walkmen  we've been had 
promise ring  nothing feels good 
the tossers  johnny i 
hem  leave me here 
dar williams  when i was a boy 
the white stripes  we're going to be friends 


for a friend. the title comes from the rasputina song.


The Misfit
Date: 2/3/2003
mad girl's love song
Date: 2/3/2003
this looks great.
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 2/3/2003
But the Rasputina song is actually a Melanie song ... can't think of her last name, but she did "Look What You've Done to My Song, Ma." ... just FYI from an "oldie" the mix looks good
Sean Lally
Date: 2/3/2003
Melanie Safka, patron saint of female folkies with goofy senses of humor. Great mix, too.
Rob Conroy
Date: 2/3/2003
Great mix, Jessica. Rock rock rock...