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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
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CD | Blues - Classic Blues

The Stage Theory Mix

Artist Song
Bob Dylan  Forever Young 
Pink Floyd  Mother 
U2  Kite 
Oasis  Acquiesce 
The Wallflowers  Empire In My Mind 
The Who  However Much I Booze 
Alice in Chains  No Excuses 
Neil Young  Fuckin Up 
John Lennon  Look At Me 
Dave Matthews Band  Where Are You Going? 
The Beatles  Eleanor Rigby 
Lou Reed  I Love You 
Jimmy Eat World  My Sundown 
Pearl Jam  It's OK 
Travis  Side 
Frank Sinatra  My Way 


Inspired by Erikson's Stage Theory of human development. I made it to help me study and remember the different stages for my Psychology test. There are 2 songs for every stage, but not all the themes in each song are quite clear.


Date: 2/5/2003
and now erikson's theory is all coming back to me...or am i thinking brodenbauer????