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Jubilee - A Golden Earring Anthology (Disc 2: 1975-1988)

Artist Song
Golden Earring  Intro: Plus Minus Absurdio 
  Kill Me (Ce Soir) [Album Version] 
  Tons Of Time 
  To The Hilt 
  Movin' Down Life 
  Against The Grain 
  Weekend Love 
  Long Blond Animal 
  The Devil Made Me Do It 
  Twilight Zone (Album Version) 
  When The Lady Smiles 
  Clear Night Moonlight 
  Quiet Eyes 
  My Killer, My Shadow 


Yes, more childhood heroes. The best R&R band ever to come out of the Netherlands and the first band I ever saw live (in September 1976 at the Donauhalle in Donaueschingen, curiously supported by German Krautrock noodlers Embryo). These guys have been at it since 1961 (move over, Mick and Keith . . . or should I say Status Quo?), when they started out as The Tornados. Over the past 38 years, they recorded so many great albums, I could easily have made this a boxed set. But you can't have it all, so I tried to control myself and compiled a mere double set. Most of their singles are proudly presented here (and they were a great singles band, even though they only charted twice outside Holland, in '73, with "Radar Love", and '84, with "Twilight Zone"), plus lots of album goodies. Unfortunately, a truckload of stuff is missing, e.g. their glorious 20-min version of "Eight Miles High" which easily beats the Byrds original by several lengths. Trivia: The group's first drummer, Jaap Eggermont, was the man behind the dreadful "Stars on 45". Made for Valis, who only had "Moontan".
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Date: 2/5/2003
The news is read - the need is fed
One yawn ah - two yawn ah -
And back to bed
Turn off the light - and hold me tight -
C'mon - maman - bend down your head
And just sing on - immortal song
Fini - belle vie - bonne nuit!
Seen her slide out of her neglige
Her skin was hot touch intoxicating
And if you were me you would have done the same
So spare me the gutter
Save me from the ball and chain
I'm gonna trade my past for a new life at last
Sit back and have another blast, if I die
Kamasutra's the reason why
Kama, kama, kama Sutra I surrender, I surrender
A fallen angel, that has got you hypnotised
And that always needs some more, hu-u
And I love it, yeah I love it
She's done nothin' to mislead me
`Cos everytime we meet the earth is shakin'
It doesn't matter, a glass is fallin', I hear it shatter
Maybe it's rainin', faster and faster
Shadow dancin', together oh I
I'm bettin' on the game of love
Oh oh oh I, I'm bettin' that love is gonna come out
When the walls no longer shout, back at me
And I'm feeling proud
When the lady smiles, she holds me in her hand
As a matter of fact, she could always let me down
But when the lady smiles, I can't resist her call
As a matter of fact, I don't resist at all
`Cos we're walkin' on clouds and she is leadin'
Date: 2/5/2003
What Valis said...well, just the middle bit. So this is Golden Earing. The only thing I know is "Radar Love" which never inspired me to look any further. Should I have looked further?