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Cassette | Theme - Depression


Side A
Artist Song
Saves the Day  Obsolete 
Jawbreaker  Jet Black 
The Get Up Kids  No Love 
Peter Gabriel  In Your Eyes 
Saves the Day  You Vandal 
Thursday  Standing on the Edge of Summer 
Jawbreaker  I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both 
Thursday  Cross Out the Eyes 
Alkaline Trio  '97 
Alkaline Trio  Touble Breathing 
The Get Up Kids  My Apology 
Saves the Day   The Last Lie I Told 
The Get Up Kids  Valentine 
The Get Up Kids  I'll Catch You 
Saves the Day  Jodie 
Side B


I was attempting to sensitize my friend to my loneliness. He's my boyfriend now. I don't actually think this mix had much to do with it, though.