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the country mouse was beginning to think what a fool he was to be living in the country

Side A
Artist Song
the lucksmiths  myopic friends 
???  friday 
you am i  gasoline for two 
beth orton  sweetest decline 
marilyn monroe  diamonds are a girl's best friend 
bjork  venus as a boy 
mantronik and shirley bassey  diamonds are forever 
goldfrapp  utopia 
the whitlams  melbourne 
yann tiersen  la valse d'amelie (piano version) 
gloria grahame  cain't say no! 
rufus wainwright  one man guy 
coldplay  parachutes 
Side B
mfsb  k-jee 
blues traveller  felicia 
things of stone and wood  share this wine 
wendy morrison and richard plesance  seachange 
radiohead  subterranean homesick alien 
tori amos  smells like teen spirit 
dave brubeck quartet  you're the top 
bing crosby and bob hope  put it there pal! 
al jolson  for me and my gal 
the avenue singers and chorus  day by day 
judy garland  over the rainbow 
herbert  leave me now 


for the ever-lovable bill, the very essence of campness, silliness, and diamond fetishes. he's moving to melbourne next week and had a dinner party last night as a "farewell". i made this tape as a little present. in retrospect...i should of made radiohead more digestable for him by slotting it between marilyn and al... his music taste rarely passes the 60's. getting him to adore rufus wainwright took a long time. but, i try! this tape's perhaps a little too sentimental and crappy with a lot of bizarre "remember when we were dancing to this..." kind of stories attached (in particular diamonds are forever, k-jee, felicia, you're the top [albeit the ethel merman version!] and me and my gal) but i think he'll like it. title from one of my favourite childhood books "City Mouse and Country Mouse"...i wonder if my parents bought that for me in a small attempt to get one of their children to stay on the farm. it would appear they failed. in other news...i let ari cut of practically all my hair, i'm not quite sure if i like this arrangement yet, but i love not having to brush my hair in the morning!


Rob Conroy
Date: 2/7/2003
Nice stuff, as always, m'dear. I'm particularly partial to that Rufus tune.
Date: 2/7/2003
ahh, sweet.
Date: 2/7/2003
This looks wonderful.
Date: 2/7/2003
Cool! Is "???" an actual band or just an indication that you don't know who the artist is? So many new bands are coming up with unusual names these days, like +/-
talia j
Date: 2/7/2003
nice. with extra points for herbert.