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i'm on your side

Artist Song
the american analog set  punk as fuck 
aloha  balling phase 
minus the bear  monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! 
the anniversary  all things ordinary 
wheat  world united already 
the sea and cake  shoulder length 
faraquet  study in complacency 
the wrens  surprise, honeycomb 
fountains of wayne  denise 
self  what are you thinking? 
the appleseed cast  kilgore trout 
interpol  pda 
mirah  archipelago 
carissa's wierd  farewell to all these rotten teeth 
hum  apollo 
denali  gunner 
engine down  intent to pacify 
the dismemberment plan  the ice of boston 


feb. 2003; i made this for a friend who likes a lot of electronic- and dance-type music, as a kind of intro to what i like, i suppose. i don't know what he'll think of it, but i gave it a good try. "ice of boston" is there because he is from boston. i am very clever. title is from track one.


Date: 2/25/2003
high high high five