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from the archives: Sympathy For the Thief

Artist Song
Clue CD-ROM  Three Steps 
Clue CD-ROM  Theme Music 
Foo Fighters  Learn to Fly 
the Violet Burning  She Says Electric 
MC Hammer  Can't Touch This 
Cledus T. Judd  My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy 
Abbott and Costello  Who's On First? 
Clue CD-ROM  Roll, Use, Make Suggestion 
Jim Stafford  Swamp Witch 
the Lemonheads  Mrs. Robinson 
Squarepusher  Windscale 2 
Clue CD-ROM  blurb 
Dr. Evil  Just the Two of Us 
Rick James  Superfreak 
Ben Folds Five  Chopsticks (live) 
Jim Stafford with the Johnson brothers  Swamp Witch 
Aquaport  OCNJ 
Peter Butler  Happy Birthday Peter 
the Wesley Willis Fiasco  I'm Sorry That I Got Fat 
the Specials  Do Nothing 
Ben Folds Five  Army (live on David Letterman) 
Less Than Jake  Look What's Happening 
Crazy Bob  Crazy Bob's Cars 
Squarepusher  Smedley's Melody 
Aerosmith  Dream On 
Jars of Clay  Liquid (Dubbed to Death mix) 
Weezer  Buddy Holly (:20 clip) 


how many ways did this 3+ year old mix go wrong? well, the two BFF live tracks? the two Squarepusher tracks? the Jim Stafford song overdubbed with a 25-year-old singalong with my friend's uncle and father? the Clue audio clips? the random bits of dialogue I stole from CD-Extras? the terrible Jars of Clay remix I tried to cobble together from four sources? the inhumane inclusion of Messrs. Hammer and James? the Dr. Evil clip? the frigging Aerosmith song? egad. so wrong, yet so much a part of my high school memories. people would ask how I could listen to disparate mixes like this and I'd take it as a compliment. oh the penance. & such.