love-letter addressed to a dead girl

Side A
Artist Song
jessica disobedience  what had been missing 
dar williams  the pointless, yet poignant crisis of a co-ed 
alkaline trio  radio  
the get up kids  long goodnight  
tori amos  northern lad  
sebadoh  everybody's been burned 
billy bragg  the marriage  
discount  is it o.k.? 
the buzzcocks  what do i get?  
richard hell and the voidoids  love comes in spurts 
ani difranco  asking too much  
pollen  sugarless 
the misfits  theme for a jackal  
see how we are  
Side B
the gloria record  grain towers, telephone poles  
elliott smith  son of sam  
propellerheads  cominagetcha (edit) 
subhumans  peroxide  
the smiths  william, it was really nothing  
cadallaca  pocket games  
jets to brazil  sea anemone  
nico and the faction  my funny valentine 
braid  hugs from boys  
fiona apple  the first taste  
richard hell and the voidoids  betrayal takes two 
sleater-kinney  turn it on  


this mix tape is basically a chronicle, in not entirely chronological order, of the break up of my me & my ex, the period of time when i was questioning whether i wanted a new relationship at all, and then falling for the guy i'm with now. a few of the songs have nothing to do with any of those themes, but i felt like hearing them so i put them on the tape. i got the title of the tape from a quote in the book "the picture of dorian gray." dorian says: "it was the first love-letter i ever wrote, and it was addressed to a dead girl!" yes, the first song on the tape was written and preformed by me. and i know you're thinking: "what kind ofa LOSER would put themselves on a mix tape??" but i made the tape for me and not for anyone else, so shut up. :P


loaf of cheez
Date: 5/15/2002
thats my favorite dar song! and JTB, ani... good mix