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It's Only Right & Natural...

Artist Song
The Nails  88 Lines About 44 Women 
PJ Harvey   Legs 
Violent Femmes  Add it Up 
Hank Williams  My Son Doesn't Call Me Daddy Anymore 
Nick Cave  Knoxville Girl 
Cracker  Eurotrash Girl 
Body Count  Hey Joe 
Toadies  Possum Kingdom 
Ween   Hot For Teacher (Live) 
Nick Cave & Anita Lane  Bedazzled  
Faster Pussycat  You're So Vain 
Nena  99 Red Balloons (English Version) 
Devo  Beautiful World 
Elastica  Stutter 
Social Distortion  Under My Thumb  
Liz Phair & Material Issue  Turning Japanese 
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood  Summer Wine 
Diamanda Galas  The Thrill Is Gone 
Iggy Pop  I Wanna Be Your Dog (live) 
Tom Waits  Pasties & A G-String 
Lydia Lunch  Bowery Blues 
Blondie  One Way Or Another 
The Cure  Inbetween Days 
The Smiths  Bigmouth Strikes Again 
Pixies  Is She Weird? 
Guns 'N Fuckin' Roses  I Used To Love Her 
Bella Morte  The Coffin Don't Want Me & Neither Does She 
Mr. Bungle  Hit Me Baby One More Time 


I really don't have feelings one way or the other about Valentine's Day. It's another day that I don't get a paid holiday for (though working in a bar on V-day is always fun!) and my friends get all twisted over. This comp. is a collection of the sickness and degradation that true love always seems to embody (c'mon, just admit, yr signifigant other has driven you into a blinding rage more than once...) This is NOT an anti-love collection, just a celebration of our baser nature....cheers! 1: true to it's title, it is 88 lines about 44 ex lovers and all of their particular obsessions. 2: "...Or I could kill you instead...." Finally a great female murder ballad! 3: One of the ultimate sexual frustration anthems. 4: And neither does his wife...a classic of the "I'm doing time and she's making time" genre. 5: "Do I have to kill you to prove my devotion?" 6: Boy meets girl. Girl doesn't speak English. Boy persues her across Europe and doesn't get the hint. 7: "If I can't have her, neither will he!" 8: "Care for a little necrophilia then?" 9: Apple polishing taken to its' logical end.... 10: From the movie Liz Hurley didn't grace us with...originally by Dudley Moore...How does one seduce Satan? 11: Glam -metal cover of an Ex-Mrs James Taylor, too perfect! 12: "I loved you so much, I caused WW III !" 13: Unrequited love, pure and simple. 14: One word: Impotance. 15: Sick thing is, we all know a few of these relationships... 16: Turning Japanese is slang for masturbation 17: A bottle of wine and a roll in the hay is hardly worth losing one's silver spurs...damn coniving women at it again! 18: title sez it all! 19: THE ultimate punk rawk love song! 20: Just cuz she sits on yr lap and whispers what you want yr wife to say doesn't mean she likes you after yr down to yr last 63 cents. 21: A Jack Keroauc piece...tough love at its worst. 22: Stalkers ARE NOT fun or sexy Ms. Harry! 23: The lyrics of this are so twisted, its a midlife crisis! "If you want this relationship to work, I need to have sex with both of you!!" 24: Morrissey as an abusive lover? Kinda David Lynch... 25: Actually this is one of my requiements for dating!! 26: "...But I had to kill her..." Axl seems to come close to a self-fullfilling prophecy. I haven't put this much glam on one comp since I was 12! 27: Such a great title! Deathrockolisicious! 28: This one is just so wrong it needs to be included! Ya think Britney wrote this for Axl?
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Date: 2/13/2003
Excellent...., the notes are the icing on a choclate cake that ya' might just smash in your lover's face..., then hope it drips and slides down and you make up by saying: "calories be damned!" GO FOR IT!
Cub Rodriguez
Date: 2/14/2003
Wonderful. Excellent. many of my favorites. And oh so true. A must have comp.