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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

"You Don't Have to be Strange to be Strange" : The Fall 1978-1983

Side A
Artist Song
The Fall  Stepping Out 
  Rebellious Jukebox 
  Rowche Rumble 
  Psykick Dancehall 
  Flat of Angles 
  That Man 
  How I Wrote 'Elastic Man' 
  Totally Wired 
  English Scheme 
  New Face in Hell 
Side B
The Fall  Fit and Working Again 
  Leave the Capitol 
  Fantastic Life 
  The Classical 
  Fortress/Deer Park 
  Marquis Cha Cha 
  The Man Whose Head Expanded 
  Hip Priest (In a Hole version) 
  Kicker Conspiracy 


So somehow what started as a 3 tape/3 phase then to now career overview became a 7 tape megaproject. Not surprising given Mark's prodigious output and my abiding love for this band. This is "volume 1," so to speak. Highlights from their first missive (on the "Short Circuit" 10") to their last single before the arrival of Brix. The impossibility of including "And this Day" and "N.W.R.A." was pretty much to blame for the more than twofold amplification of this set. More to follow at irregular intervals. I am not the white crap who talks back.


Date: 2/14/2003
v. cool.
Rob Conroy
Date: 2/14/2003
Great! I see you've picked some of my favorite tracks from "Witch Trials" and that the discs got there safely. :-)
Date: 2/14/2003
Thanks Rob, yes the discs did get here safely. Many thanks. Keep your eyes peeled for the next 6 volumes.