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Artist Song
Tribe called Quest  Ham and Eggs 
Tribe called Quest  Verses From the Abstract 
Aerosmith  Uncle Salty 
Bad Religion  Do What you Want 
Bad Religion  Suffer 
Beastie Boyz  Professor Booty 
Beastie Boyz  She's on it 
Billie Holiday  Just the way you look tonight 
Bouncing Souls  Kate is Great 
Clutch  Red Hourse Rainbow 
Clutch  Careful with that Mic 
Descendents  Bikeage 
Descendents  Hope 
Dropkick Murphys  Wild Rover 
Dropkick Murphys  The Guantlet 
Flogging Molly  Selfish Man 
Guttermouth  Can I Borrow some Ambition 
Guttermouth  Perfect world 
Pennywise  Homesickness 
Pennywise  Unknown Road 
Quicksand  Phaser 
Quicksand  Slip 
Stanford Prison Experiment  Cansado 
Rival Schools  Undercovers On 


Most of my mixes take hours to make a mix but as the name says it is a haphazard mix that was done in about 8 minutes (with burn time)
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Dale - Different Kitchen
Date: 2/16/2003
That is one weird ass cover photo.
Date: 2/16/2003
Thanks I took it my self, the thing is 3 stories tall and I almost crashed my car the first time I saw it