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Artist Song
zwan  honestly 
the all-american rejects  swing swing 
three doors down  be like that 
evanescence  bring me to life (kazaa version) 
chevelle  the red 
avril lavigne  im with you 
30 seconds to mars  capricorn (a brand new name) 
bob marley ft. lauryn hill  turn your lights down low 
bowling for soup  girl all the bad guys want 
evanescence  tourniquet (demo) 
30 seconds to mars  edge of the earth 
trust company  the fear 
the juliana theory  into the dark 
the juliana theory  you always say goodnight, goodnight 
red hot chili peppers  the zephyr song 


Tell me what you think about this mix, and be sure to download the Kazaa version of Bring Me To Life it is great.
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Date: 2/18/2003
GOO! I love it.. heheh what can I say i'm a loser...but that Bowling for Soup song is awesome