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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
Cassette | Mixed Genre

I told the devil i wouldn't go to church and he shook my hand.

Artist Song
Cornelius  I Hate Hate 
Dntel  The Dream Of Evan And Chan 
Quasi  All The Same 
Beastie Boys  Brass Monkey 
Simian  LA Breeze 
Imperial Teen  Open Season 
Pavement  Greenlander 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 
Of Montreal  My Favorite Boxer 
Steppenwolf  The Pusher 
Pavement  Sensitive Euro Man 
Stevie Wonder  She's A Bad Mama Jama 
Al Green  Let's Stay Together 
Stereolab  Gus The Mynah Bird 
The Microphones  Oh Anna 
My Bloody Valentine  You Made Me Realise 
Mogwai  My Father, My King 


I stole the title from a subgenius brag generator.

This cd was made as a sort of documentation of what i'm currently listening to. Other than as a bunch of songs i like, there is no connection between the tunes. Pretty slipshod as far as mixes go, but it has its charms.