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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Theme - Narrative

the last seven years

Artist Song
Tori Amos  Me and a Gun 
Linkin Park  My December 
Sugar Ray  Falls Apart 
Guess Who  She's Come Undone 
Ani Difranco  Not a Pretty Girl 
Offspring  The Kids Aren't Alright 
Linkin Park  Papercut 
Blink 182  Adam's Song 
Papa Roach  Last Resort 
Third Eye Blind  Jumper 
Tori Amos  Silent All These Years 
Alanis Morisette  Mary Jane 
Sarah McLachlan  Angel 
Blessid Union of Souls  I Wanna Be There 
Rembrants  There For You 
Foo Fighters  My Hero 
Ani Difranco  Falling Is Like This 
Lifehouse  Hanging By a Moment 
Incubus  I Miss You (accoustic) 
Everclear  Normal Like You 
Citizen King  I've Seen Better Days 


This cd is an incomplete story of my life over the past seven years (sixth grade through senior year). It goes from a very bad experience through depression until I was on the very edge. Things changed with Jumper when I met some good friends who made my life brighter (it has a double meaning because we met in health class, where watched a little movie about the song Jumper). Then I met my boyfriend, fell in love, and had to leave him to go back home. The last two songs are how I feel now; things are better, and still not normal, but I'm getting used to life. (yes, I know I reused many songs from my other mixes)


Date: 2/20/2003
this is a pretty hot cd, and i like the personal touch. blessid union is a solid pickup, as is citizen king.