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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

on the weekends i shop

Side A
Artist Song
the yeah yeah yeahs  rich 
the raincoats  life on the line 
quixotic  anonymous face 
ms jade  big head 
little red car wreck  workaholic 
jeff buckley  hallelujah 
heavens to betsy  seek and hide 
sonic youth  moist vagina 
rilo kiley  the execution of all things 
en vogue  never gonna get it 
1905  fall 
comet gain  deficient love 
the muffs  pimmel 
Side B
veruca salt  volcano girls 
julie doiron and the wooden stars  dance music 
the cannanes  pillows 
the rondelles  pay attention to me 
queen latifah  u.n.i.t.y. 
the frumpies  frumpies forever 
julie ruin  stay monkey 
nas and lauryn hill  if i ruled the world 
matrimony  two storey man 
the slits  the ping pong affair 
red monkey  straight lines don't fit 
jj fad  now really 
crass  berketex bribe 
the microphones  oh anna 


this mix was for my half cute half scary friend shelly, who promptly ran off to join a dyke escort service.


Date: 2/20/2003
Great mix, mother. I know a few 'half cute, half scary' people myself. By the way, what's the mystery song?
Date: 2/21/2003
Great. Dig the variety show -- The SLits AND En Vogue.
Date: 2/21/2003
my friend shelly is in a band called stella by starlite, and they just recorded their first cd (with kathy cashel!!) called "StellaRyde: Half Cute, Half Scary." it rules. i have no idea what the mystery song is; it's something i downloaded off years ago and never wrote down who it was. too bad.