Rejected, Forgotten, Cying.

Artist Song
Vast  Pretty When You Cry 
Wilco  I am Trying To Brake Your Heart 
Flaming Lips  One More Robot/ Sympathy 3000-21 
Nirvana  All Apologies 
Lifehouse  Breathing 
Saliva  Always 
T.A.T.U.  How Soon Is Now? 
Matchbox Twenty  Disease 
BRMC  Love Burns 
Sarah Maclachlan  Fear 
Remy Zero  Glorious #1 
Elvis Costello  Alison 
Box Car Racer  There Is 
Alanis Morissette  Hands Clean 
Blur  Black Book 
Oasis  Wonderwall 


Everything is so good... and then it falls apart.. and all you have are broken parts that form this amazing thing. that you can never fix.


Date: 7/21/2003
mmmm nirvana