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top five ultimate break ups

Side A
Artist Song
aretha franklin  drinking again 
madonna  nothing really matters 
oasis  hindu times 
bob dylan  it ain't me babe 
crooked fingers  sunday morning coming down 
alanis morissette  all i really want 
simon and garfunkel  kathy's song 
super furry animals  international language of screaming 
kristen hersh  37 hours 
neutral milk hotel  my dream girl don't exist 
tom waits  flower's grave 
Side B
hunters and collectors  throw your arms around me 
sarah mclachlan  full of grace 
carissa's wierd  some days are better than others 
ben folds five  song for the dumped 
chris isaak  baby did a bad, bad thing 
maximilian hecker  green night 
radiohead  lucky 
van morrison  steal my heart away 
billy bragg and wilco  hesitating beauty 
bob dylan  not dark yet 


This was a challenge to myself, to make a mix completely out of songs i have never used in a mix before. Well, it's a challenge for me, anyway. Then I tried to take it that step further by not doubling any artists. Then I went and accidentily put on an extra Bob Dylan track. Damnit. The title means nothing. I had just recently watched High Fidelity. Although I do admit some of the song choices were influenced in part by the title.


Date: 2/24/2003
High Fidelity is one of my top 5 favorite movies.

okay yes that was cheesy but i like the fact that thats the way i think, and i know i'm not crazy.

i like your mix its a nice little warm stir of music. If that makes any sense
Date: 2/24/2003
im thinking i need to get me some neutral milk hotel...