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CD | Dance - Hardcore
CD | Dance - Hardcore
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CD | Theme

What Time Is It Mister Wolf

Side A
Artist Song
Jimi Hendrix  Midnight 
Slick Shoes  1 A.M. 
Iron Maiden  2 A.M. 
Matchbox Twenty  3 A.M. 
Our Lady Peace  4 A.M. 
Rubberneck  5 A.M. 
My Hotel Year  6 A.M. 
Dashboard Prophets  7 A.M. 
(nothing I could find)  8 A.M. 
DJ Bertrand  9 A.M. tool 
Telegraph  10 A.M. train 
Incubus  11 A.M. 
Side B
Cary DeNigris  12 P.M. 
Saxon  Dallas 1 P.M. 
Proper Dos  2 O'Clock 
Noggintoggan  3 P.M. 
UZEB  4 P.M. Gate 26 
Mister Ku  5 P.M. Till 8 A.M. 
Braindamage  6 P.M. After The War 
System 7  7 O'Clock 
Le Tone  Avenue Parmentier 8 P.M. 
ATB  9 P.M. (Till I Come) 
Bass Lo Ryders  10 P.M. 
I Eight You  11 P.M. #1 


i noticed alot of songs i liked had times, and was wondering if i could make up a day with a song for each hour. i had to search a little for some filler songs, but don't tell anyone. Did i miss any really good songs?
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Date: 2/25/2003
man thats a kick arse idea, do you like all those songs though?
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 2/25/2003
really tough to pull this one off...nice work
jaime b
Date: 2/25/2003
i love le tone! :)
Date: 2/25/2003
I like most of the songs, a majority. I downloaded ones that I hadn't heard before. a few are ok, but I love the idea behind the songs.