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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip

rad ecclectic mix

Side A
Artist Song
King Missile  Margret's Eyes 
Radiohead  Just  
Siouxsie and the Ban  Fireworks 
the Cure  Just Like Heaven  
Velocity Girl  Forgotten Favorite 
Bjork  Human Behaviour 
Beck  Strange Invitation  
Depeche Mode  Enjoy the Silence  
When In Rome  the Promise  
Tullycraft  Pop Songs Erasure 
Lullaby Frente!  Bizarre Love Triangl 
Side B
New Order  Ceremony  
the Motels  Suddenly Last Summer  
U2  All I Want is You  
the cure  Love Song  
Prince  When Doves Cry  
the Sugarcubes  Birthday  
Beck  New Pollution 
the Buzzcocks  Orgasm Addict  
Indigo Girls  Romeo and Juliet  
Chains of Love  Deep Forest