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this city's got me feelin' like a motherfucker

Artist Song
destroyer  the bad arts 
bitter, bitter weeks  sage 
scout niblett  into 
scud mountain boys  penthouse in the woods 
the shins  sphagnum esplanade 
carissa's wierd  drunk w/ the only saints i know 
the fruit bats  dragon ships 
little red rocket  it's in the sound 
the wrens  rest your head 
iron and wine  waitin' for a superman 
mia doi todd  hijikata 
the one am radio  don't panic 
mazarin  a tall-tale storyline 
burning airlines  the deluxe war baby 
lovers  winter takes a lover 
townes van zandt  for the sake of the song 
the boyish charms  the class familiars 
the zombies  this will be our year 
chisel  it's alright, you're o.k. 
the lures  softly, softly 


for meg. the title is from the awesome fruit bats song.


Dale - Different Kitchen
Date: 2/26/2003
Love that Zombies song! Fine Burning Airlines choice as well.
Great Shins song, I love Mazarin, like Destroyer a lot too.
Rob Conroy
Date: 2/26/2003
Ooh nice. Very, very, very nice. One of my favorites of yours.