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she says it's bad to get burnt

Artist Song
Spoon  Don't Let It Get You Down (alternate mix) 
The New Folk Implosion  Brand of Skin 
Snowglobe  Waves Rolling 
Big Star  O, Dana 
Lifter Puller  Plymouth Rock 
Nothing Painted Blue  Missed the Point 
Sleater-Kinney  Little Babies 
Friends Like These  Hey Hey 
Adam Green  Dance With Me 
Rian Murphy and Will Oldham  Fall Again 
Blue Skies For Black Hearts  Hollywood and Vine 
the Moldy Peaches  Lucky Number Nine 
the Mountain Goats  See America Right 
Frankie Sparo  Back on Speed 
JR Ewing  Laughing with Dagger 
Buzzcocks  Friends 
Braid  Baby, Now That I've Found You 
Olivia Tremor Control  Love Athena 
the Magnetic Fields  How to Say Goodbye 
Guided By Voices  Back to the Lake 
the Tyde  Blood Brothers 
Prehensile Monkey-Tailed Skink  I'm a Spy 


for Vincent, a collection of stuff I've ripped (not ripped off) from the KANM library. he likes the rock. he should like this. an oh-so short 65 minutes.


Date: 2/26/2003
Nice mix. The Moldy Peaches are wonderful.
Adam Bristor
Date: 2/27/2003
Yes, some cool stuff. I'm on a Big Star kick as of late, and I like the song you picked for them.