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Unrequited Bullets

Side A
Artist Song
Guns N' Roses  Don't Cry 
Rolling Stones  Angie 
Cake  Where Would I Be 
Pearl Jam   I Got Id 
Pedro the Lion  The Well 
Dashboard Confessional   Screaming Infidelities 
Stone Temple Pilots   Wonderful 
Dido  Thank You 
Ben Harper  Walk Away 
Dashboard Confessional   The Best Deceptions 
Pedro the Lion  of Minor Prophets and their Prostitute Wives 
Stone Temple Pilots   Interstate Love Song 
Pearl Jam  Black 
The Stranglers  Golden Brown 
Guns n' Roses  November Rain 
Dashbooard Confessionals  Saints and Sailors 
Pearl Jam  Thin Air 
Guns n' Roses  Don't Cry (alt. lyrics) 
Side B


Well, this is a run of the mill unrequited love mix. I made it before it was cool and then lame to like Dashboard, but that's no excuse for November Rain. Sometimes you've gotta go with the classics, though. I think this mix flows pretty well from song to song and that, though stock, it's ecclectic enough that some song on here will be new to whatever girl or guy is treating you badly.


Date: 2/27/2003
uh.. beautiful
Date: 2/28/2003
Who cares what's lame and what's cool. The lamer the better, man. I like this.
Date: 3/4/2003
Amen, Linzer. Lame? Cool? Fuck that. "November Rain" needs no justification, brutha. I dig yer mixes somethin' big.