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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

HFStival 1998

Side A
Artist Song
Foo Fighters  My Hero  
Wyclef Jean  Gone Till November ( 
Tuscadero  Tickled Pink  
Cherry Poppin' Daddi  Ding Dong Daddy Of T 
Summerland  Save Ferris 
Hope I Never Lose My  Mighty Mighty Bossto 
She's My Pusher  God Lives Underwater 
Anything Can Happen  Everclear 
Zoot Suit RIot  Tuscadero 
Freak Magnet 
All Wrong  Scott Weiland 
Wyclef Jean  We Trying To Stay Al 
Side B
Soul Coughing  Soundtrack To Mary ( 
Save Ferris  Come On Eileen  
Tuscadero  Temper Temper  
Car Line  Everclear 
Sorry My Friend  Mighty Mighty Bossto 
Royal Oil  Crystal Method 
No More Love  Wyclef Jean 
White Men In Black S  Cherry Poppin' Daddi 
Nancy Drew  Tuscadero 
52's  Your Own Private Ida 
Jimmy Was A Stimulat  Spam 
Welcome To Paradise  Cherry Poppin' Daddi 


I made this right before I went on an 8 hour road trip to Washington DC with my friends Pat and Rob to see the HFStival at RFK stadium. All of the bands on this tape played the festival. This tape will forever remind me of being awake for 40 hours straight, getting lost in downtown DC, and pissing in the bushes across from the Capitol building because there wasn't a bathromm anywhere near!